Be more diligent and Valentine musings

“It is a beautiful ring,” Laura said.
“I would say the hand,” Almanzo replied. 

I saw a charge on my bank statement which I couldn’t explain and I was ready for a fight … that is, until I checked the settings of my blog and there it was… auto-renewal was turned on and I got charged for the annual renewal of my premium plan. I’d forgotten it was up for renewal and at least it serves as a reminder to be more diligent and MAKE TIME to write on my blog. Being too busy is no excuse. Paying for the features of a blog and not writing something, anything … no excuse. So here’s the first one for 2020, Valentine’s Day February 14th.

I reckon every day is Valentine’s Day in my house when it comes to love. I have what you can call the perfect relationship with my husband. We just fit. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like strawberries and cream. Like mashed potatoes and gravy. Like salt and pepper. Like bread and butter. OK, in case you didn’t get it… he is the cheese to my macaroni, the yin to my yang, the root beer to my float. And if you still don’t get it, we are like two peas in a pod. We are birds of a feather that flock together. 🙂

So I do get red roses, but not only on Valentine’s Day. It happens randomly during the year. Birthday, anniversary, just-because-day (husband chimes in from his side of the couch with Columbus Day, Groundhog Day…) That’s another reason we fit so perfectly. We laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine and that is a fact. It connects people emotionally, it reduces stress, it improves the flow of oxygen from the heart to the brain.

When I stumble down the stairs in the morning, husband hears me (he just got home from his night shift) and starts my coffee. It is ready and waiting. That is love. When I sit by the kitchen counter, half asleep with extreme bedhead and he says “hello beautiful” … that is love.

I tell a lot of jokes. Silly ones, some not so funny, some way below the belt… and he laughs at all of them. That is love. He tries to speak with an Afrikaans accent and says tomahtoe and stuff and he built up a repertoire of Afrikaans words to impress me with. Boerewors. Droewors. Lekker. That is love. 😉

We hug often. In fact, we hug whenever we “pass” each other in the house. And not only hug. Touches too. Swiping hands over arms, backs, bottoms, you get the picture. A touch to say “I care”, “you matter to me”.

Flowers, laughter, roses, coffee, hugs, touches. That’s why every day is Valentine’s Day in my house and that is the way it should be with the person you share your life with (unless of course the love that was there is no longer there, but that’s a subject for other rambling thoughts). There is nothing better than being at peace and being happy in your home and being with the person you love. Except, maybe, going to Red Robin and sharing an Onion Ring Tower for lunch. 😉

Brenda’s little house… paradise indeed. ❤


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