Cheese Puff Pies

AROUND the world, the idea of what makes a pie great is oft disputed. By and large, the average South African and UK pie is of the savory variety. In America however, the pie is mostly known as a dessert, apple pie being the most famous. I never knew such a variety of fruit pies … Continue reading Cheese Puff Pies

Tuna Salad Appetizer

This simple South African appetizer can be an elegant starter on any menu. Presentation is everything and I have enjoyed it as a first course at many dinner parties!2 Tins of canned tuna (click on link below to read more about the processing of tuna)1 Tin Fruit Cocktail (keep the juice)8 oz cleaned and cooked … Continue reading Tuna Salad Appetizer

Mock Crayfish Cocktail

1 kg firm white fish fillets (skin removed)Steam fish in a little water, salt, pepper and lemon juice till done, but still firm. When cold, flake and marinate in the following sauce. Ingredients for sauce : 1/ 2 cup cream1 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup tomato sauce1 tsp Worcestershire sauce1 small grated onion1 tsp dry mustardTabasco and pepper … Continue reading Mock Crayfish Cocktail