It’s been a while …

Despite my earnest resolution to be more diligent with my blog, almost 4 months have slipped by in the twinkling of an eye. Do I have any excuses? Not really, or wait, maybe I can blame it on the virus. After all, it is an acceptable excuse, no? Let’s see …

I had wi-fi
I had enough time on my hands
I had the inclination
I stayed healthy
I didn’t succumb to depression

Looking at it that way, there are no excuses for me, personally. Even though my husband was sequestered for 55 days at his work (living in an RV, eating well, daily FaceTime, etc.), it only meant I had more free time than usual. So, as the bottom line isn’t that I’m too lazy (I am known for going non-stop), it must be that my priorities are different. Thinking about that, what were my priorities these past 4 months of “lockdown”?

Chatting with my husband on FaceTime? YES
Shopping? No, only once a week for necessities and produce supplies for canning
Cooking? Yes, stocking up the freezer with meatballs and meatloaf and dumplings and filled crepes and experimenting with new recipes, baking bread
Canning? Yes, the usual jams and jellies and vinegars
Drying flowers? Yes, for notecards and to preserve the beauty of my “covid-garden”
The occasional “road-trip” to share canning efforts with friends? Yes
Sunday Zoom services with Pittstown and Johnsonville congregations? Yes (more about that in another post)
Regular job? Yes, when there was work to do
Sharing on Facebook? Yes, so my friends and family worldwide could see what I’ve been doing and that everything was OK
Getting seeds / garden ready for Gardening 2020? Yes
Sewing masks for various people / companies? Yes
Sorting out recipes for the books I am planning? Yes
Crochet projects for the craft store? Yes
Dehydrating fruit for snacking and decoration? Yes

Crochet purses for girls

I reckon I can add a couple more “how I stayed busy” to the list, but maybe looking at all I did, I can excuse myself a bit for not being more diligent with my blog. šŸ™‚


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