A little bit of this and that, mostly inspired by my South African heritage, career, life in the USA, my favorite author Laura Ingalls Wilder … and reminiscing about family and traditions of days gone by

My name is Brenda and I am an ex-South African now living in beautiful Upstate New York. I am a licensed “insurance person”, but find time in between work to cook and bake and preserve and blog and craft. Most of my recipes are inspired by my South African heritage and reflect the way we did it. It is important to hold on to traditions before they slip away …

I love experimenting in my cozy kitchen and will be sharing some “how to’s” as well as traditional South African recipes.

One of my goals is to tick off every item on my “recipe bucket list” and I stay busy and happy in my little house while working on that list.

I am most fortunate to have a husband who loves to sample my experiments, be the end results perfect or not! 😉

My career in Insurance started way back in 1978. After 5 years in the Pensions Division of one the largest Life Insurance Companies in South Africa, I joined a brokerage firm which specialized in mostly short-term insurance, providing services to a group of large retail Companies. Here in New York, there seemed to be a greater demand for skilled Life / Accident / Health Insurance agents. A new field for me, but I took the State exams and got licensed in 2010. I’ve been with the same Company ever since and am now licensed in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Tennessee, Maryland, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts and of course New York. My main office is based in South Carolina, I’m based in my office in my little house… can’t get much better than that!