Copper’s glow seduces cooks …

But if your copperware, which you proudly display, doesn’t glow it can be a sorry sight and make you feel a bit embarrassed when you look at it. You’ve spent a lot of time in your kitchen this past year (2020 and some of 2021 without going into detail again why) looking at it, ignoring it, casting sidelong glances at it… You’ve tried tomato sauce, lemon and salt, dishwasher and tartaric acid, and numerous so-called “remedies” not worth a mention. And then you read somewhere, use apple cider vinegar and coarse salt, and you reckon… well, why not give it a try. So I did. And I am impressed with myself, for persevering, for not giving up and for no longer feeling sad when I look at my pots and pans. 🙂

I do own a Mauviel jelly pan, my pride and joy. I confess, I haven’t used it. It is on display… as shiny as the day I bought it. It gets a buff with a soft cloth now and then. Do I need a complete set of Mauviel or Brooklyn Copper Cookware sets? Not really. They are terribly expensive. Also, my stainless steel lined set is durable and gives perfect results.

Did you know that, apart from being known for his midnight ride, Paul Revere was a coppersmith amongst other things? After the Revolution, Revere started an iron foundry and opened a copper rolling mill, which was supposedly the first in the United States. The mill proved that Revere was also a “proto-industrialist.” That is because he maintained that the new nation had to become economically self-sufficient and stop importing basic materials like copper.

Also.. did you know copper is the only element that has eyes? Because it can Cu … (you don’t have to laugh) 😉


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